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My blog contains tips for wine tasting, insider knowledge about the industry, and exclusive content. I frequently travel to different vineyards where I learn about and taste high-quality wines. If you share my passion for wine, reading my blog will be an exciting experience for you. I offer a personalized concierge service to help you select the perfect wine to suit your taste. Let’s enjoy our love for wine by indulging in it together!

Let's Talk Wine

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Concierge Confessions

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3 Good Reasons

Christmas snow

Nelion Winery

Nelion winery at the village of Pretori, right on the border between Paphos and Limassol districts. Officially opened its doors back in 1996. The philosophy of Nelion as a boutique winery based on its own well-tended vineyards, is to offer high standard quality wines through the incorporation of traditional principles with modern design, both in concept and in practice.