The Knight's Tour

from Limassol

Kolossi Quarters, Cyprus Wine Museum, Medieval Castle


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Neal Faux
ToursByLocals Traveller
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We had a great day with Pambos. He took us to some of the non-tourist type of places to allow us to get a real view of the people and culture of Cyprus. He is fun to be around and very accommodating to what you would like to see. He has an extensive knowledge of Wines, especially wines of Cyprus, which was of interest to us. We highly recommend Pambos especially if you like to get away from the typical crowded tourists stops and get a real view of Cyprus.
Sara Matulonis
ToursByLocals Traveller
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You will be SO pleased with Pambos as your guide so don't hesitate to book one of his incredible experiences! Spending the day with him felt like spending the day with a good friend who is passionate about both wine and Cyrpus. His personal connections mean you'll have an inside look at the places you visit and you'll see Cyprus in a totally unique way that is way more than you could ever see and experience from a typical cruise ship excursion. Pambos is an incredible guy and we can't wait to visit again!
Charlotte Saulny
ToursByLocals Traveller
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Wow, Wow, Wow. What a wonderful unique experience with a down-to-earth, knowledgeable, thoughtful guide. Pambos is fantastic. We had a superbe breakfast in a small village in the mountains- homemade jams and scones, bacon eggs— amazing, followed by a tour of Nicosia In which we were able to learn about this fascinating city and visit the historical sites that were of interest to us. It was a full day but one that we could take at our own pace! Big thumbs up!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Had a memorable afternoon learning about wine and Cyprus from Pambos. Clearly passionate about wine, culture, and his country - I could just listen to him all day. Thank you for this wonderful experience. Definitely the highlight of our trip thus far. Looking forward to seeing you again next time I visit! 💙


A knight’s tour is a sequence of moves of a knight on a chessboard such that the knight visits every square once. In this tour I will try and help you Find out about  Cyprus wine trade throughout the centuries and the knighthood influence in the middle ages. Discover Commandaria, the oldest wine in the world still in production and how it got it’s name.  Explore the ancient wine discoveries that make Cyprus one of the first ever countries to produce wine.

I will tell you wine stories from the middle ages about a wedding, a poem and a banquet that made the sweet wine of Cyprus extremely popular amongst the royal courts of Europe. Not the same stories you can find on the internet. I’m talking about behind the scenes, hot gossip and yellow press tabloids, of the time :).  

If you choose to upgrade to treating yourselves to a restaurant visit organized by yours truly, i will get the chance to tell you about the dietary habits of the knights’ and share anecdotes of their influence to the local culinary culture.


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€200 /tour
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