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The atmosphere is convivial and the experience a lot of fun. There is learning, laughter, sharing and always something new to try. You’ll be proud of what you made and surprised by how tasty it can be. Accompanied by local wines and the fascinating stories of your host, this will be the best meal ever.

Halloumi Cheese Cooking Workshop


Workshops in Episkopi, Paphos

2 hrs 30'
€55 /person
2 to 8 Guests
4 hours
€79 /person
in Private
4 - 8 Guests
2:30 hrs
€49 /person
up to 8 Guests

Cancellation flexibility

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the start time.

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Excellent Value

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Authentic Cyprus Recipes

The way my Mother taught me!

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Why cook
with Pambos

Veteran cheesemonger and restauranteur host

I love to cook over embers in wood-burning hearth because it gives a nod to the historic food culture of our area while growing and creating something new.

Social Networking and fun time guaranteed

You’ll be encouraged to have fun and a connection will be formed over cooking together with your group or other like-minded guests.

Relaxed Get-Away Atmosphere

Imerse yourself in the local culture

The objective of cooking classes and workshops  is to showcase the quality and diversity of the ingredients and the wonderful people who raise, grow and produce them.

Spectacular Location

experience authentic village lifestyle, including the magnificent scenery, outstanding food and wine and overwhelming sense of tradition, history and culture of Cyprus.

By Appointment
Your Choice

In Private wine tasting 

I recommend cooking courses at the beginning of your trip to gain a better understanding of the country’s cuisine and some tips on how to decipher local menus, which makes eating at restaurants all the more enjoyable.

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