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A Seamless Collaboration with Pambos Wine Tasting Room

Embarking on a journey is not just about the destination; it’s about the experiences that enrich the voyage. The Pambos Wine Tasting Room is dedicated to crafting those unforgettable moments, If you’re ready to offer your clients a taste of Cyprus like never before, together, we’ll create travel experiences that linger in the hearts of those who seek more from their adventures.

It's all about you!

Tour Operators –  Travel agencies – Online travel agencies (OTAs) – Companies offering guided tours and travel packages- Cruise lines

Add Tasting Room Experiences to Your Tours.

This will be an exceptional experience for your guests who want to see authentic Cypriot Hospitality. I can adapt my content and develop an exclusive package just for your customers to correspond with different perspectives and cultures. 

Collaboration Overview:

Partnering with Pambos Tasting Room is not just a business deal, but an opportunity for people to experience Cyprus through food and drinks. We offer wine tasting and cooking experiences that can be integrated into your website. These experiences will allow your clients to taste Cyprus in a unique way.

How it Works

Our collaboration begins with a diverse range of curated wine tasting and cooking experiences. From the heart of Episkopi, Paphos, we offer a glimpse into the rich flavors and traditions of Cyprus. 

Endless possibilities to create a perfect client experience. Tailor every detail to reflect your brand and exceed your client’s expectations. I can also help put together packages that combine our offerings with other points of interest in Episkopi, such as the Environmental Information Centre. Together, these experiences create a comprehensive day trip. 

Further, I can help organize, from planning to execution, different types of private wine tastings, combined with a cheese lunch or dinner, even off our premises, in a hotel meeting room or in the private room of a restaurant. 

An agent account will be created for your company that makes booking easy. Your staff can just log in and select what they want to book using our Point of Sale (mPOS) system

Booking is easy due to our secure payment system and instant updates on availability.  Each experience comes with a detailed itinerary giving you a clear idea of what to expect. The process is simple and efficient, ensuring that you and your clients have a hassle-free experience.

A state of the art booking management system ensures that you and your clients have real-time access to our event calendar. No more worrying about conflicting schedules – the platform keeps everything synchronized and up-to-date.

Why do it with Pambos

Harmonious Blending

Uniting the culinary world with rich cultural tapestry, creating unparalleled and harmonious combinations for your clients.

Expertise at its Best:

Your expert travel services, coupled with my extensive experience in the industry ensure a journey that's not just seamless but truly extraordinary.

Exceptional Reviews Guaranteed

Custom automated messaging systems craft experiences that linger in memory. Easy booking and personalized touches guarantee rave reviews and unforgettable adventures in Cyprus.

Tailored Excellence & White Label Experiences:

Each tour is a personalized masterpiece. Elevate your brand with our white-label experiences, integrating unparalleled adventures seamlessly into your portfolio, giving your clients the extraordinary, and you the credit.

Exclusive Access

Ascend to unparalleled heights with our exclusive access to hidden gems and private vineyards. Your clients don't merely tour; they embark on a VIP odyssey, unlocking the secrets of Cyprus in style.

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/ˈkɒnsɪɛːʒ/ :- The person who holds the keys to open any door to a building and provides an element of security;  they also accept deliveries and may perform certain go-for type services.

Pambos Wine Concierge Service

Helping you manage and drive your wine related events and business projects with a complete set of customised services; I may also perform certain go-for type services.