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The ultimate wine experience with private tours and culinary adventures that will have you swirling, sniffing, and sipping like a pro! Delve into the fascinating world of wine sensory analysis, walk through lush vineyards and discover local grapes that will tantalize your taste buds. Get the lowdown on classification systems and winemaking secrets that will impress all your wine aficionado friends! Plus, did i mention the history lesson that comes with all of this?

Trust me, you’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for the art of winemaking. So why settle for an ordinary vacation when you can go on a grape escape?

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7 hrs
From €75 /person
Private Group
up to 20 Guests
Culture Tour
3 hrs 20'
on Schedule
up to 4 travelers

Onshore Excursion

5 hrs
Group Size
up to 4
5 hrs
Group Size
up to 4

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The Stories you will tell

Wine Tours From Paphos

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Are you planning for a visit to Cyprus and the wineries? Do you wonder what are the best tours and travel experiences on the island? Then, check below to find out more about the things to do here. Discover Onshore excursions, day trips, multi-day packages or half-day tours and the best outdoor adventure activities offered by!

Take the chance to enjoy unique itineraries through various tours, adventures, and activities. Whether from Limassol port or marina or while you visit Cyprus we provide a wide range of exceptional experiences that will make your adventure with yours truly the highlight of your entire trip!

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wine routes of Cyprus

Ezousa Valley

GI Paphos
North of Paphos

Laona Akamas

GI Paphos
PDO Laona Akamas
The Far West

Limassol Wine Villages /North

GI Limassol
PDO Krasochoria Lemesou

Pitsilia Region

GI Limassol / GI Nicosia
PDO Pitsilia

Vouni-Panayia / Ambelitis

GI Paphos
PDO Vouni Panayia- Ambelitis
sustainable Tours

Leave Nothing But Wine Stains

As a passionate local, I am fully committed to the principles of sustainable tourism. Aiming through my tours and experiences to effectively communicate to all visitors Cyprus’s rich cultural heritage and natural environment while bringing economic benefits to local people. To achieve this, I offer a wide range of outdoor activities, cultural tours, and local accommodation, such as family-run guesthouses and reliable local ground transportation. My focus lies on operating all of my tours exclusively in small groups, helping preserve the natural area we operate in and supporting local businesses and individuals. Promoting positive social exchange by using locally-owned accommodation whenever possible, restaurants and outfitters, yours truly ensures that the local community always receives a direct economic benefit!