Where to buy Cyprus Wine in New York

Where to find Cyprus Wine in New York

In this blog post article you can find information on the availability of Cyprus wine in the state of New York. I will be updating for the next few days until I find all wines available on retail in the city. Please if you have any information that can help me complete my post feel free to pass them over… 

Tsiakkas Winery is one of your best options if you are looking for Cyprus wines in New York. They ship a strategically selected collection of seven single varietal wines to the states. However Athenee Importers & Distributors is the one that runs the game with supply in the states. 

 Tsiakkas Winery wines that are available in the states are listed bellow. Press on the wine name to get to the market place.

A natural sweet wine from sun dried grapes.  Commandaria PDO by Tsiakkas is a new wave Commandaria

What is different  …

What is Unique …


** If you can find one of these wines in any store means that most probably they can also get you the rest upon request. 

Vouni-Panayia Winery is coming soon…

Saratoga Wine Exchange at Ballston Lake seems to have stocks of some of the rare micro-vinifications of this winery.

Vouni-Panayia Winery wines that are available in the states are:

** If you can find one of these wines in any store means that most probably they can also get you the rest upon request. 

Explore Wine-Searcher

Wine-Searcher.com is the place to go online if you want to find where to buy a particular wine that interests you. Furthermore, Wine-Searcher.com magazine offers so much more. It’s well worth a visit just to discover its many features, including its unique simple guide to wine styles

Let me Take Care of your Shopping needs

I use my trusted life long personal relationships and business network as well as numerus memberships and subscriptions across the web to be constantly updated. Through monitoring online and on ground sales channels, I can dig out the best deal possible to suit your needs while saving you time , effort and money

My moto is:

Simply book a short initial interview meeting at your convenience. Once I understand what you are after I can prepare your order and workout the shipping to your destination.

Support Cyprus Wine in New York...


As a supporter of Cyprus Wine there is a favor I’ d like to ask of you: Any retail store and restaurant in New York can have access to Cyprus wines. Some of them don’t know our wines and the main resistance point at present is that nobody is asking for it.

Yours truly has listed below a few ways that you can help create awareness of the exceptional quality of our wines.

Doesn’t matter where you regularly purchase your wine from: a specialized cava, supermarket or a big retailer chain. And even if you know your sales assistant most probably is not aware of the existence of our island. Showing off your quest for exotic and rare wines like Xynisteri and Maratheftiko will only add value to your customer’s profile within the store.

If you don’t see any CY wine on the list ask for it!

Worst case scenario, they will understand that you are a serious guest seeking for exclusive wine and they will pay more attention to your wine needs.

Please invite your friends whether professionals or not, to join any of my scheduled online tastings at Airbnb Online Experiences platform.

or conduct me for a customized private group session.

Online Experiences

Have a look at my wine concierge page for current opportunities and  ideas on investing in the Cypriot Wine Industry. 

Personal Wine Assistant

Work in progress…


I am an affiliate of WineMasters.tv and WineSearcher.com, thus my affiliate links are included in this blog post. This means that, at no extra cost to you, pambos.wine may get a kickback if you purchase using these links (please do).

My recommendations are based on deep experience with and knowledge of these companies and their products. I recommend them because they are genuinely helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I may receive.  If an affiliate link is available I’ll use it to generate revenue and help enrich my guests experience, too. Please don’t spend any money on these products unless you believe they suit your needs.


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