7 Valentine’s Day Experiences You’ll Actually Enjoy

Saint Valentine's Day Experiences - Hike a Nature Trail - Take a Wine Tour - Make a Fancy Dinner - Throw a Party - Join a Wine Tasting and things to do on Valentine's day
Valentine's Day Experiences

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate with loved ones and remind them how special they are.

Although many people exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, experiences are much more memorable. Time spent together is an investment in the relationships people have with each other.

Instead of worrying about the perfect gift, individuals can plan to share quality time with their friends, family, and significant other this holiday. Here are 7 experiences to give your loved ones on Valentine’s Day instead of presents.

7 Valentine’s Day Experiences You’ll Actually Enjoy

Instead of purchasing unnecessary gifts, consider trying one (or more) of these things to do on Valentine’s Day. Experiences make for excellent presents as they enable you to create new memories without cluttering your home.

1. Hike to Aphrodite's Temple at Sunrise

If you like to rise early, one of the best things to do is take a sunrise hike on the morning of Valentine’s Day. To get your blood moving and clear your head, you can watch the sun come up with the ones you love.

If you are in Limassol, join me on a Hike to Aphrodite’s Temple on Sunrise. Start your day at the place where the goddess of love was worshiped more than anywhere else. Let’s take a hike to Aphrodite’s temple and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sun rising in the ancient town of Amathus. The Sun will rise at 6:43 so be ready for an early start. Let me know if you are joining me!

Wherever you decide to go, make sure that others know where you are. It’s also essential to take all the supplies needed to make this trip safe and fun.

Sunrise hiking Valentine's Day things to do

2. Go to the Beach

Aphrodite's Rock - Valentine's Day things to do

The beach holds exciting memories of summer freedom and the soothing influence of nature during vacation. Consider taking a short road trip to the beach this holiday to experience those emotions all over again.

Most people go to the beach in the summer or late fall, when the sun and prices are high. However, there’s no reason not to enjoy the sand and waves on Valentine’s Day if you wrap up well.

If you drive far enough west of Limassol, you may even be able to enjoy a romantic sunset at Aphrodite’s Rock. Sunset hikes are another great option for people celebrating after the workday. You could also hike a mountain at night to stargaze.

3. Plan a Day Trip

Adventures aren’t all far from home. If you’re itching to travel, plan a fun day trip to a nearby village or park.

A bag full of food and thorough research will make this trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible. You can travel somewhere new for the excitement, or return to a spot you already love. Bring a favorite playlist for the drive, or spend the time in conversation.

Taking plenty of photos will help you to capture the moment to enjoy again later. Day trips are such fun things to do that they may become your new hobby.

During the day you can take a 3 hour private tour to the medieval castles of Limassol and the Cyprus Wine Museum. Explore the attractions and find out about King Richard’s wedding to the Princess of Navarre in 1191 AD.
Book the Knight’s tour in private at 11:00 am (apparently the tour is only available for only one booking on the day. But you can always book for the day after)

Valentine's Day things to do

4. Join a wine tasting experience in Limassol

In the afternoon you can join other wine loving couples in a Blind Tasting Game at Sherlock’s Home.

 Book on Valentine’s Day at 16:30

In the evening you can join other wine loving couples in a Commandaria Wine Tasting.
Book on valentines day at 18:00

Valentine's Day things to do - Commandaria tasting

5. Cook with Wine

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to set the table with fancy china, get dressed up, and cook a delicious dinner. Music and lighting can set the mood for a formal meal, or you can plan to cook together for a more relaxed night in. Couples can make their favorite dishes, buy a fancy wine, and finish with a delicious dessert.

Get some inspiration watching Wine & Food pairing cooking show with chef and Champion Sommelier Andreas Larsson and famous winemakers from all over the world.

If you are tired of eating in, you can always plan to eat out instead. However, because restaurants are typically very busy on Valentine’s Day, an early brunch or lunch might be better than a late dinner.

6. Throw a Party

Singles who love celebrating Valentine’s Day could consider treating their other single friends to a house party. You can watch a romantic movie, eat dessert together and play Valentine’s Day-themed games to celebrate their friendships and the holiday.

Holding a house party for single friends is a great way to distract those who might feel lonely on Valentine’s Day. Hire me for a private tasting

Although Valentine’s day is marketed for couples and romantic love, you can use it to remind your friends and family how much you care about them and value having them in your life.

throw a party Valentine's Day things to do

7. Do it Online

Couples that celebrate remotely can choose an online wine tasting experience that suits them best and plan a virtual night. You can celebrate the experience by gathering snacks, candles, and warm romantic wines before the show starts.

Movie-watchers can set up with pillows, blankets, and snacks and continue for a memorable evening celebrating the day differently than usual.

Check out this awesome sweet experience and let’s plan at your time zone convenience. Hauntingly Delicious Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Give Love Away

There’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to give love away. Whether people choose to spend the holiday with their family, friends, a significant other, or solo, they can gift their loved ones with an incredible experience that will be remembered for years to come.

Instead of buying into the marketing hype this year, plan to spend quality time with your loved ones. Use this time to celebrate the relationships you have and continue building them. No one regrets making the swap.


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Wine & Food pairing cooking show with my friend chef and World Champion Sommelier 2007 Andreas Larsson as he is hosting famous winemakers from all over the world.

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