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Epiloges (Selections) by Vasilikon Winery is a trilogy of wines presented in the form of a vertical tasting, crafted from 100% Xinisteri. This concept was born out of the winery's love for Xinisteri, aiming to further highlight the variety and explore its boundaries.
Epiloges (selections) by Vassilikon Winery

EPILOGES by Vasilikon Winery

Three different vineyards from three distinct villages within the Protected Designation of Origin zone “Laona Akamas” were selected to make up Epiloges by Vasilikon Winery. Each vineyard plot possesses its unique characteristics that make it truly exceptional. The fermentation was held spontaneously, without the addition of yeasts. In an effort to create a wine with minimal interventions, following the variety’s characteristics for each region and reflecting the terroir from which it originates. In this way, we create a flavorful journey through Xinisteri in our region, Laona Akamas.


Planting year 1967, shaped in a traditional goblet, calcific soil with 15% clay, altitude 700 meters, west orientation. Citrus aromas with a full body.


Planting year 1920, shaped in a traditional goblet, clay-limestone soil, altitude 700 meters, east orientation. Aromas of white-fleshed fruits with a rich body and volume.


Planting year 2010, shaped in a traditional goblet, calcific-limestone soil, altitude 700 meters, east orientation. Aromas of botanicals and white blossoms. Beautiful duration on the palate and balance with acidity.

EPILOGES by Vasilikon Winery


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