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The main objective is to deliver to expectations. I believe in my work and know that dedication and consistency will lead us to great results.

What can Pambos
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Cellar management and care tips

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wine purchase monitoring

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Customer Service

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Logistics Handling

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Travel Planning

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Learn from my trusted clients and loyal partners

“What an awesome job! Professional and a really nice person. Our journey with him just started, and we will recommend his services.”

“I start our company's corporate events and Christmas gift shopping with no worries when I know Pambos will help and assist me along the way. We trust him and used his services for years. Amazing job and always with a smile.”

Anastasia Koutalis, PA at PZONE

“I got a recommendation about Pambos from a Winery I'm working with, and from that moment, I knew I was in good hands. Keep up the good work!”

Costas Constantinou, CEO L. Constantinou & Co.


/ˈkɒnsɪɛːʒ/ :- The person who holds the keys to open any door to a building and provides an element of security;  he also accepts deliveries and may perform certain go-for type services.

Pambos Wine Concierge Service

Helping you manage and drive your wine related events and business projects with a complete set of customised services

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