Hauntingly Delicious Wine and Chocolate Pairing

After Dinner Virtual Experience combining Wine and Chocolate Pairing with introduction to Phantom Wine Augmented Reality, leading to a Short Film Ghost Story on YouTube!

The idea for this Guided Virtual Wine Pairing Experience was triggered by a private group booking through Airbnb Online Experiences Platform on January 2022. My guests wanted to have an entertaining virtual wine experience after their dinner. The theme I was given to work with was to conduct an experience to complement  a cozy night at the winter lodge. Nice pictures came to my mind  but kind of a tough one if you think of it as a wine tasting experience. Mainly because it’s at the end of the day, after a flavorful dinner and your brain is calling out for some peace and relaxation. 

To cut the long story short. After a couple of days of brainstorming yours truly saw the light at the bottom of  those 3 bottles of the Hauntingly Delicious Bogle Wines that where coincidently given to taste before the holidays by my life long affiliate and wine mentor at La Maison du Vin. 

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What's In It

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They say...

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Surprisingly a lot more fun than I expected. How could you have a quality wine tasting experience if not in person? Answer is Pambos! Pambos is very knowledgeable with thoughtful answers for all our questions. I learned more about wine tasting in a virtual setting in a very short amount of time. Great combination of teaching while still allowing all of us to be social. Book Pambos without hesitation!
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What an excellent online experience. Pambos did an amazing job personalizing it for us (surprise bday virtual get together for my husband). Pambos was knowledgeable and answered all of our questions like the pro that he is. Unforgettable online experience! Thank you again, Pambos!
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Pambos provides a great combination of technical knowledge, cultural context, and an ability to engage with each participant. All while working at 4 a.m. in his time zone, without skipping a beat. Recommended!

How Does it work?

After introductions we will have a look at

  • how we taste wine using the two fantastic Phantom wines 
  • how we taste chocolate 
  • How we pair the two together 
  • We will also talk about some misperceptions on food and wine matching.
  • Eventually I will leave you with some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of  the AR app of Phantom Winery

You may choose to continue your evening watching the high quality Short film Ghost Story on YouTube ‘Flora’s Place.

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Upgrade Your Experience

During check out you may choose to upgrade your experience and some extra sweetness. By selecting the upgrade add-on your experience time length extents for extra 30 minutes which allows us to include one or two more wines. Like a dessert wine. I recommend ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ of wines: the Cyprus Commandaria DOP

Join the video call

Online Experiences are all hosted on the Zoom video conferencing platform. After you book, you’ll receive an email with a link to the experience that you’ll join using a web browser or the Zoom app. Experiences use both audio and video, so check out these system requirements to make sure your device will work.

Video conferencing is interactive, so you’ll be able to communicate with yours truly and other guests as much or as little as you’d like.

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Phantom wine labels are actually not ‘labels’! They are Augmented Reality Wine Labels printed directly on the glass bottle, and not some fancy piece of paper glued on. WOW!!!

But what does that mean? AR is the technology that allows the label to become alive on your device once you scan it! Pretty cool, innit?
Follow the instructions on the poster below to download the app and just before I’m dismissed from our experience I will show you a few tricks to enjoy your AR experience to the max.


What guests should bring

Hauntingly Delicious Wines


Buy Phantom Chardonnay in your area

Buy Red Phantom in your area

Accordion Content

Good to know

For your Dinner

I’d recommend serving the wines to be used later on, also at your dinner table. Here is some Phantom recipes  to pair with your wines at dinner.

Prepare Wine to Serve

• Please prepare to serve white wines at fridge temperature and red at 60 f/15 c. –Starting at low temperatures allows the wine to gradually release the aromatic reactions as temperature naturally alters.

• Glassware: use your preferred glass, the ones that you feel comfortable drinking wine in. Ideally I‘d like you to have a different glass for each wine or at least two glasses (in case you have more than two wines). So you can perform a comparative tasting.

• Optionally and if you are a wine geek you may want to use the Tasting Sheet (https://forms.gle/JU1EQ66dcYt31bQs8) to mark down your notes. Please have it ready on a separate device for in-depth tasting experience.

Prepare Chocolate

Prepare yourselves

Come up front with any questions you may have. Interaction is a viral component to the success of our experience.

Be thoughtful and interact wisely. Seize this hour to talk about the interesting wine stuff. 

• Have some water and dry bread to rinse your palate if necessary.

After our pairing event you can enter the world of Phantom Vineyards by unlocking a lock

At first you need to get into the label and experience Augmented Reality (AR) watch the phantom story  or watch Flora’s Place

Finish off the wine and eat all the cholate. Clear out the area leave nothing behind but a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate for the Phantom as a treat! Occasionally he visits the places that honor him and expects a treat or else…!

If you are looking for a team building activity or a private wine class, I have different formats that can be customised to suit your event – Please book a Demo call and I will tell you all about it!

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So after our pairing event you can enter the world of phantom by unlocking a lock

At first you need to get into the label and experience Augmented Reality (AR) AR watch the phantom story  or watch Flora’s Place