What’s ‘3 Good Reasons’ all about?

The '3 Good Reasons' initiative is a free space aimed at helping small businesses in the drinks, food, or hospitality industry share their story!

Introducing the '3 Good Reasons' initiative 

The ‘3 Good Reasons’ initiative is here to help small, family-owned businesses in the drinks, food, or hospitality industry. It is free, and you get to share your top three reasons why people should support your business in a few words.

What’s It About?

In a nutshell, it’s your chance to share your story and reasons why folks should support you. Whether you’re in the drinks, food, or travel industry – this platform is for you! I’m offering a space for your 3 compelling reasons to stay, buy, visit, etc.

How Does It Work?

1. Share in your own words (up to 200 words) why people should connect with your business.
2. Include a call to action – guide them on how to buy or support you.
3. Don’t forget a high-res image showcasing your product, service, or your fantastic team.

What will you boast about?

Firstly, you can share behind-the-scenes stories to introduce your audience to the people behind the products. Secondly, you can showcase why you stand out by highlighting your unique value proposition. Lastly, you can invite guests to customize opportunities that highlight your offerings.

Who Can Join?

Open to all – wineries, food producers, hospitality professionals, and even charities! Let’s make this a diverse community sharing the uniqueness of each business.

Joining the initiative is a chance to connect with potential customers and support your business for free. If you want to join, contact me with your suggestions or send your three good reasons straight away. Let’s make this initiative a success!

Your 3 Good Reasons

send your good reasons straight away

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