Uncorking Cypriot Wine Excellence: A Guide to Winecore Cyprus

The future of Cypriot wines is bright, fueled by the unwavering dedication of the Cyprus Wine Consortium (CWC) and the emphasis on quality embodied by Winecore.
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Winecore Cyprus: A Journey of Transformation

Back in early 2018, a symposium in the form of a two-day seminar was held in Limassol specifically for all wineries who were members of the Cyprus Wineries Association. I was working/consulting for a winery in the Pitsilia region at the time and got to attend on behalf of the winery. This event marked a pivotal moment for the Cypriot wine industry, as it served as the first public platform for introducing the concept of the Cyprus Wine Consortium and its CEO, Theo Theoharis.

Cyprus wine consortium first meeting

The excitement in the room was palpable. Theo Theoharis, with his infectious enthusiasm, unveiled the Consortium’s ambitious vision: to establish a brand that would become synonymous with premium Cypriot wines crafted from indigenous grape varieties, with a focus on Xynisteri at the forefront. Xynisteri, an autochthonous white grape varietal known for its refreshing character and citrusy notes, was a natural choice for highlighting the unique terroir of Cyprus. The focus on quality, sustainability, and preserving the island’s unique viticultural heritage resonated deeply with many, myself included.

From Vision to Reality: The Birth of Winecore

Fast forward to 2021, the Cyprus Wine Consortium officially launched, bringing together 17 pioneering wineries under the Winecore banner. While the membership has since stabilized at 14, their dedication to showcasing the excellence of Cypriot wines remains unwavering.

The Winecore logo will start phasing in and appearing on the bottlenecks indicating that the wine has passed the Cyprus Wine Consortium’s quality standards. The wine is free from unpleasant aromas and is made from authorized Cypriot grape varieties.

WineCORE stands for Cyprus Own-Rooted Evolution

The Winecore logo is an esteemed emblem that embodies the fundamental values of the Consortium, as highlighted by Theo Theoharis in a recent interview with the Financial Mirror. The Consortium warmly welcomes wine enthusiasts and experts to explore its member vineyards and wineries, where they can discover the rich traditions and history of Cypriot winemaking. The Consortium’s ultimate goal is to advance the excellence and recognition of Cypriot wines. By Q1 of 2024, the Winecore logo will prominently appear on Consortium member wine packaging as a seal of exceptional quality.

winecore logo bottle

A Look Back and Ahead

The CWC’s journey has been one of steady progress. Initially boasting 17 wineries, the current membership of 14 remains dedicated to elevating Cypriot wines. A significant achievement is the widespread adoption of the Winecore logo, with over 100 Cypriot wine labels now displaying it. This logo signifies the Consortium’s commitment to high-quality wines made with indigenous grape varieties.

Looking ahead, the Winecore plans to further promote Cypriot wines through participation in international events and foster collaboration among stakeholders within the industry.

Immerse yourself in the world of Cypriot wines at the upcoming 3rd Andamoma, a landmark event for wine exploration. Scheduled for April 20th, 2-10pm at the Ajax Hotel in Limassol, this event offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Meet the wine producers themselves
  • Learn about the production processes and historical background of each wine
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Cyprus vineyard and its diverse offerings

Uncork a world of discovery at Andamoma!

For information, contact +357 94 006282 or visit www.cypruswineconsortium.com

Don't miss the 3rd Annual Andamoma!

The Future is Bright

The Cyprus Wine Consortium and Winecore are killing it with their promotion of Cypriot wines. I’m all in to support their efforts and make Cypriot wines the talk of the town worldwide. With the Cyprus Wine Consortium’s relentless drive and Winecore’s top-notch quality, Cypriot wines will rule the global wine game in no time and be remembered for ages to come.

Get ready to experience the magic of the 3rd Andamoma on April 20th!

Since you are not joining me at the Tasting Room, why don’t you head over to Ajax Hotel in Limassol from 2 to 10pm and join in exploring the diverse and fascinating world of Cyprus wines. Meet the passionate producers, discover the intricate production processes, and delve into the rich historical background behind each bottle.

Explore Beyond Winecore

Here’s the thing: just because a Cypriot wine doesn’t sport the Winecore logo, it doesn’t mean it’s subpar. Quite the contrary! There are plenty of wineries that choose not to join the Consortium and still dish out some pretty excellent stuff. Explore the diverse offerings of the island and discover your new favorite Cypriot wine!


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