A Day of Connection and Discovery in the Tasting Room

A Day with Artist Marie Gracie at the Tasting Room

I am thrilled to share my experience with the incredible Marie Gracie. An inspiring solo traveler, artist, teacher, and lover of nature and history from the UK. Her incredible journey chronicled on her blog marinemusechaser.com, is proof that anyone can achieve their dreams.

A Day with Artist Marie Gracie at the Tasting Room was an unforgettable experience! A day filled with joy, creativity, and serendipitous connections. She reminded me that life is a beautiful journey full of amazing surprises, and that we should cherish every moment with gratitude and enthusiasm.

Marie’s adventurous spirit and positive outlook on life is truly inspiring. I can’t wait to see what incredible experiences and amazing people await her on her next adventure. She is proof that anything is possible if you have the courage to pursue your passions. 

Early Morning Hiking along Ezousa River

Marie embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration in her deep dive into the essence of Cyprus. Conquering the Morning Hike along the Ezousa River Nature Trail, she presents an inspirational account of her journey that captures the very heart of the experience. The stunning valley. The warm delivery of history and culture, along with the unexpected joys of meeting locals tending to their daily lives. All contribute to painting a vivid picture of Cyprus’s rich ethnicity. Marie reveals that this wasn’t just a hike; it was a path to self-discovery and a journey into the roots of Cyprus’s heritage. Her enthusiastic approach and appreciation for the adventure is truly inspirational, encouraging us to step outside our comfort zones and fully immerse ourselves in the wonders of our surroundings.

"If I had only done the walk, I would have been so happy to see that beautiful valley and meet your neighbours. But to understand so much more the ethnicity origins of both the Greek and Turkish Cypriots - well, I so appreciated that. You were eloquent, and welcoming. Thank you 🙏🏾 😍."
A Day with Artist Marie Gracie

Cooking Workshop and Halloumi Tasting

We thoroughly explored the world of halloumi cheese during our Masterclass . Marie complimented my taste, guidance, and knowledge. It’s always a pleasure to witness the enthusiasm of participants during our exploration and celebration of the art of enjoying halloumi cheese. Let this be a reminder to enjoy the simple pleasures in life that bring us together and make us happy.

"Thank you for all your time and wisdom today; it was very special. I can’t believe you showed me something the other Cypriots don’t know about. I will never forget today .... Well done for underpromising and massively over delivering in such style."

A Twist of Fate and Alternative Therapy:

Reflecting on my day spent with Marie left me feeling inspired and grateful for the unexpected connections we make in life. As we chatted, we discovered that we share a common friend from the Isle of Man and it truly felt like fate had brought us together. Marie’s playful spirit and suggestions for future adventures left me feeling excited for what’s to come. She even mentioned unique therapies like yoga in citrus groves and mentoring young minds. Hearing Marie’s words, I realized that my presence had a silent powerful impact and that my ability to uplift those around me is a gift!

" - that's my idea of fate/meant to be. Yes, I think it could be up your street: read the coffee grounds, yoga in the citrus groves, teaching all they are just that…! Hanging out with you can be the alternative therapy... 😂."
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