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The Peloponnese Wine Festival, the most important collective presentation of the wines of the Peloponnesian vineyard, is coming for the 6th year in Limassol to highlight the wines of the largest vineyard in Greece. 28 members – wineries of the Peloponnese Vineyard Wine Producers Association (ENOAP) will welcome the wine loving public and professionals at the the welcoming and spacious venue of Ceronia Hall, at Carob Mill Restaurants, in Limassol, Cyprus. 

The Peloponnese Wine Festival is a “manifesto” of the virtues of Peloponnesian wine, emphasizing the characteristics of the southernmost vineyard of the mainland, with the abundance of cultivated varieties, the plethora of different styles produced, the uniqueness of the viticultural zones and the range of quality producers that place Greek wine, as a whole, in the next day. The event, as every year, gathers classic and new producers who “trade” with the public through the great wines they present.

Cyprus 2024

The Peloponnese Wine Festival Cyprus 2024

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This year's exhibition will present to its audience wines from indigenous and international varieties, from mountainous to seaside vineyards, from traditional or innovative techniques, from new and old vintages, as well as the famous Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication zones, which highlight the unique characteristics of terroir. The exhibition is a dynamic and evolving field of discovery for every professional and wine lover. The Peloponnese Wine Festival Cyprus 2024 will open its doors at 11:00 and will end up at 20:00, offering a day marathon of great wine discoveries.

Event Features

At the same time, the Peloponnese Wine Festival returns to the impressive parallel events, organizing a thematic tasting with past years of wines selected by the producers with 2 separate sessions that will take place at different hours in the Ceronia Hall venue as well. The “Old Vintages Tasting” will be a free tasting guided from a Greek sommelier and will unearth the aging potential of both the white and red wines of Peloponnese.

  • Session 1 (12:00 – 14:00): Aged whites, a game-changing tasting of Moschofilero, Roditis, Assyrtiko, and more.
  • Session 2 (15:00 -17:00): Aged reds, a top selection from regions like Nemea, Ilia, Messinia, etc.

The presale of tickets will start at 15th of January, through the online platform more.com and the early booking price is set at 10€. This price will be valid until 16th of February. From 17th of February until the day of the event, tickets will be available through more.com platform at the price of 12€.

1. Dress Smart:
Avoid wine-stained fashion disasters! Opt for darker, elegant attire. Skip dangling accessories, and tie those locks back. Remember, wine festivals are sensory experiences; let the aroma of wines shine, not your perfume.

2. Hydrate Strategically:
Stay ahead of the game! Hydrate before, during, and after the festival. It’s a wine tasting marathon, and proper hydration helps you savor more without the dreaded hangover. Small sips, big flavor!

3. Go Hands-Free:
Free up those hands for what matters – wine and food! Consider a wine glass holder, or rock essentials in pockets. A hands-free approach lets you gracefully juggle with glasses.

4. Craft Your Tasting Plan:
Festivals can overwhelm even the savviest taster. Plan your attack! Start with lighter wines and foods, gradually progressing to bolder choices. Don’t forget dessert wines – a sweet ending to your tasting adventure!

5. To Spit or Swallow? Know Your Limits:
Are you there for the experience or aiming for a clear-headed finale? If it’s about exploring numerous wines, spitting might be your friend. Know your limits, and whether you spit or swallow, savor responsibly.

6. Network with Passionate Palates:
Wine festivals are more than tastings; they’re hubs of expertise. Network with winemakers, experts, and fellow enthusiasts. Share thoughts, ask questions, and deepen your wine knowledge. The connections made at these events can be as rich as the wines tasted.

7. Embrace Discoveries:
Leave room for serendipity! Explore new wines and unexpected tastings. Some of the most memorable moments come from the unplanned, surprising corners of a wine festival. Let your palate dance with the unexpected!

8. Prep Your Palate:
Pacing is key! Consider the order of your tastings. Begin with reds, transition to whites, and sprinkle in some bubbles. Your palate will thank you for the thoughtful sequencing, ensuring each wine shines.

9. Mind Your Glass, Not Just Your Mouth:
Rinsing your glass matters. Avoid water, as it can dilute flavors. Instead, try “priming” – a splash of the next wine to prepare your glass. As for your mouth, water helps keep you hydrated and offers a refreshing break between sips.

10. Stay Informed – Do Your Homework:
Knowledge is your festival power! Research the event, use apps, and plan ahead. Identify must-try wines and schedule workshops. Navigate with purpose to make the most of your tasting adventure.

11. 🌟 Bonus Tip: Have Fun! 🌟
Amidst all the swirls, sips, and savory bites, remember the essence – have a blast! Wine festivals are celebrations of flavor, discovery, and shared passion. Soak it all in with a smile.

Peloponnese Wine Festival - The Ultimate Team-Building Experience

Sip, Connect, Grow

 the Peloponnese Wine Festival in Cyprus 2024 is the perfect opportunity to elevate your team-building experience to the next level. Get ready to indulge in exceptional wine selections, meet the amazing wine producers, and receive expert guidance. A walk-around wine tasting experience is ideal for making unforgettable memories with your team. Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to connect and grow as a team – this will be an event to remember for years.”

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