3 Good Reasons to Visit kalamos Winery

Visiting Kalamos Winery in Amargeti, Cyprus for high-quality limited edition wines and local delicacies. Experience traditional Zivania and quality grapes, including the "Malaga" variety.
Kalamos winery owner Thanasis

Kalamos Winery

Ready to explore the vineyards and traditions at Kalamos Winery? It’s not just a winery visit; it’s an immersion into Cyprus’ rich winemaking heritage!

Family Legacy & Craftsmanship:

Kalamos Winery, rooted in the traditional wine village of Amargeti, is a family affair. Nicos and his sons, Thanasis and Michael, bring generations of expertise to crafting limited edition, quality wines. It’s not just about the drink; it’s about a journey that began with vine cultivation and evolved into a regional treasure.

Diverse and Unique Offerings:

Kalamos Winery is a treasure trove of local delights. From red and white wines to dry, semi-dry, and sweet varieties, they cater to every palate. But it doesn’t stop there. Explore their liqueurs, Commandaria, and Zivania – a Cypriot classic known for its strength. Learn how the choice of “Malaga” grapes adds an intense aroma, making their Zivania a standout choice.

Crafting Zivania – Tradition with a Twist:

Dive into the art of Zivania production at Kalamos. Discover the meticulous process using stainless steel cylinders and traditional distillation methods. The focus on quality grapes, particularly the “Malaga” variety, sets them apart. The blog unveils the age-old process, from boiling grapes in the “kasani” to the unique cooling condenser that turns steam into liquid gold.

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Kalamos Winery Offerings


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