3 Good Reasons to Check out East and Wine, the Belgian Wine Merchant

East & Wine is a Belgian wine merchant selling tasty wines from the Balkans, Caucasus, and Eastern Mediterranean regions. You can find the most known Cypriot wineries and experience their exciting selection.

East and Wine, the Belgian Wine Merchant

Excited to share 3 awesome reasons to check out East & Wine, in Belgium. Founder Nicolas Papageorgiou is an incredible guy, always willing to help.

Cypriot Wonders:

East & Wine proudly offers the largest assortment of Cypriot wines in Belgium. Explore the flavors that Cyprus has to offer, a true gem for wine lovers seeking something extraordinary.

Unique Wine Renaissance:

Dive into the fascinating world of Balkans, Caucasus, and Eastern Mediterranean wines. These regions, with the oldest winemaking history, boast indigenous grape varieties and diverse terroirs. East & Wine brings this rich heritage to Belgium, uncovering forgotten treasures.

Iranian Elegance:

Witness a historic comeback! East & Wine introduces Drood Winery, bringing the first Iranian wines to Belgium in 44 years. Discover the resilience of Iranian winemaking, rooted in a 7,000-year-old history. An extraordinary tale awaits in the wine catalog.

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