pam-POS (Point-of-Sale) Desk

Make a Booking using pam-POS Desk

pam-POS Desk is the Point-Of-Sales system used to book at Pambos Wine Tasting Room. Here you will get familiar with how to create a booking for your customers using the pam-POS Desk.

You can use the pam-POS Desk on a tablet or laptop as an activity booklet to display trip information like your tour itinerary, maps, and pictures of your tours.

Connect to mPOS

pam-POS Desk Overview

Engineered by Trekksoft, the Point of Sale or pam-POS Desk is a booking platform that was created to help you and your staff easily take bookings for Pambos Tasting Room. The POS Desk can be accessed via a web browser and has been designed for use on both laptops and smartphones. Access pam-POS Desk

For a complete introduction to pam-POS Desk, please visit this link.

Make a booking with pam-POS Desk


log-in to POS Desk
Use your email and passcode to log-in

Step 1: Select a product

You can select an activity from Activity, a time slot from Availabilities, or a shop item from Shop Items.

From the Availabilities section, pick the starting time for the activity.

Coming soon…………

Here you’ll find a list of all activities created for you. Click on any activity to start the booking process, or click on More Details to get a detailed description and view images of each activity.

You can filter your activities by any of the following: 

  • Activity title
  • Departure location
  • Operator

Step 2: Add items to your cart

After finding your activity, select the number of guests you would like to add to the cart by clicking on the `+` or typing in the number.

You can also add Add-ons to your bookings. For Guest-Bound Add-ons, select the Guest then select “Add add-ons“. For Single Item Add-ons, specify the number of items you want to add to the basket. 


When you’re happy with your selection, click on Checkout at the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Add booking details

At Checkout, you’ll have an overview of everything you’ve added to your cart. Take this opportunity to go through the booking and modify anything if needed. You will have to Add guest info, and you can change the agent, or the buying user.

When you’re done, click on Pay in the bottom right.

Step 4: Select payment method

To get going, select one of three options:

  • Reserve without payment (No payment made at the time of booking)
  • Book as paid (Payment made in cash)
  • Pay now (Payment made via the POS Desk with a credit card, only available via Payyo)

Once the reservation or payment is complete, the booking will be confirmed and a new basket will be created.

Note: Keep in mind that the payment methods available to an agent depend on the user permission agreed for the agent. 

You will then be redirected to the newly created basket.

You have two options here to mark the booking. Reserve without payment and take payment later via the payment link or Take cash on the counter and Book as Paid. 

Pay now with our HPP option which provides more payment options to pay. Get more details on HPP here.