Paphos is located in the district bearing its name

That's a bit confusing, innit? Paphos is the City and the District: Here's Why Paphos Holds This Dual Role.
Paphos District Cyprus Map

Understanding the Duality

Here’s the thing: It’s the norm in Cyprus for the major city to also be the administrative center of its surrounding district. This structure helps ensure effective local governance.

So is the case of Paphos. The city itself offers a mix of old school charm and modern-day vibes with picturesque streets lined with shops and restaurants,  alongside ancient ruins and landmarks. The district beyond encompasses a range of landscapes. From rolling hills dotted with vineyards to rugged coastlines, making it a diverse and fascinating region to explore.

Paphos: The City

Once the capital of the island, known for its rich history and beautiful beaches, Paphos is a popular destination.  As you gaze upon the map, you’ll find Paphos city situated proudly along the southwestern coast of Cyprus. It’s the fourth-largest city in the country, brimming with life and history. Paphos is a cultural gem, offering a delightful blend of ancient ruins, modern attractions, and a warm Mediterranean atmosphere.

Paphos city map

Paphos: The District

Now, let’s zoom out on the map. Paphos isn’t just a city; it’s the capital of the Paphos District! This district encompasses a much larger territory, stretching inland and encompassing various charming villages, stunning coastlines, and dramatic landscapes. Wine lovers like ourselves will be particularly interested in the winegrowing regions nestled within the district.

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