Why Are There More Than One Episkopi In Cyprus?

I've noticed a bit of confusion surrounding the name of our charming village, Episkopi. So let me shed some light on its fascinating history and meaning.
The Bishops Chapel under the Episkopi Rock

Episkopi: More Than Just a Location

The term “Episkopi” has a Greek origin and a notable linguistic legacy. Its etymology can be further explored: Episkopi (Greek: Επισκοπή = Επι – Σκοπόν) 
Επι (Epi) signifies “on” or “upon”, while Σκοπόν (Skopon) corresponds to “guard” or “watcher.” When combined, “Episkopi” means “overseer” or one who is “on guard.” Notably, this connotation frequently relates to a bishop’s seat, reflecting the historical context of the Byzantine Empire.

Episkopi Throughout Cyprus

You might be surprised to learn that there’s more than one Episkopi in Cyprus. In fact, there are several villages and landmarks named Episkopi across the island. Each has its unique charm and historical significance, making them all worth a visit. Episkopi (Επισκοπή), or Latinized forms Episcopia or Piscopia, may refer to the following places:

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So now you know...

Hope this helps to clear up any confusion about Episkopi’s name. When you swing by Episkopi Paphos next time, you can dive into its fascinating history. Can’t wait to have you visit our charming village and enjoy a scrumptious culinary adventure at Pambos’ Tasting Room!


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