Sustainable Limassol Walking Tour: Discovering Cyprus’s Path to Sustainability

Limassol sustainability

UAntwerp Organises A Summer School to Limassol

July 2023

As part of the University of Antwerp summer school to Limassol, you will be introduced to a range of topics related to sustainability engineering, sustainability economy, climate change, and cleantech. To kick off the program in style, we will be hosting a guided walking tour of Limassol on July 3.

During this tour, you will explore the rich history of Cyprus, delve into the economic and sustainability challenges faced by the island, and discover some of the most inspiring sustainability stories that Limassol has to offer. You will get an up-close look at the city’s iconic buildings and landmarks, while learning more about the daily life of Cyprus.

As a native person with an in-depth knowledge of the city, I’ll take you on a journey that highlights the best of Limassol, ensuring that you leave with a wealth of knowledge and a sense of excitement setting the stage for an engaging and enlightening summer school experience.

if you need to contact me for any further information about your trip to Cyprus please join  private group chat on Whatsapp.

What we will do

We will begin the tour with an introduction to Limassol, its culture, and its unique position within Cyprus. You will learn about the city’s rich history, vibrant present, and its aspirations for a sustainable future.

As we stroll through the city streets, we will observe and discuss the sustainable architecture and green building practices implemented in Limassol. I will highlight specific buildings and urban developments that incorporate energy-efficient designs, renewable energy systems, and other sustainable features.

During the walk, we will engage in conversations about the challenges posed by climate change and the measures taken by Limassol to mitigate its impact. I will share insights into the city’s adaptation strategies, such as coastal protection measures, water management systems, and efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

What's In It...

Among the inspiring sustainability stories lies Limassol, a city with iconic buildings, landmarks, and a unique daily life.

We will stroll through the city streets, consistent with sustainable architecture and green building practices implemented in Limassol. The focus will be on observing and examining specific energy-efficient practices and sustainable features exhibited in buildings and urban developments of the past and the present.

You are embarking on an exciting journey! Don’t hesitate to leave any questions or concerns in the comment box below. I’m here to support you every step of the way and ensure that you have the best trip possible. So ask away and let’s make this adventure truly memorable!

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