Unveiling Cyprus’ Wine Renaissance: The Rise of Cypriot Wine

Let's unveil the thoughts of Demetri Walters MW, about Cyprus wine. exploring the transformation currently taking place in Cyprus's wine scene as we navigate through Demetri's writings.
The rise of Cypriot Wine

Greetings, wine aficionados! Pambos here,

Today I invite you on an unusual imaginary journey to unveil the thoughts of Demetri Walters MW, about Cyprus wine. Our focus will be on exploring the transformation currently taking place in Cyprus’s wine scene as we navigate through Demetri’s writings, exploring his perspectives on the matter.

The Rise of Cypriot Wine

As I am reading Demetri Walters MW’s article The Rise of Cypriot Wine posted Aug 11, 2023, on  GuildSomm International website (a nonprofit membership organization for wine, spirits, and beverage professionals), I recall a previous article Demetri posted on his blog on February 15, 2021. Titled Cypriot Wine: Gone Native

Demetri Walters MW is an experienced wine educator and presenter who has worked all over the world. He has been in the wine industry for over 20 years, holding positions with prestigious companies such as Berry Bros. & Rudd and Fields Morris & Verdin. 

Demetri was made a Master of Wine in 2013, his thesis for which brought him back to his formative interest in Cypriot wine as well as the ancient native grape varieties of the Hellenic World and the Levant. He is a consultant voice for numerous wine regions, particularly those of the Eastern Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, and is a regular speaker on sweet and fortified wines.

Unveiling Cyprus’ Wine Renaissance: The Rise of Cypriot Wine

Demetri Walters MW, holds a highly optimistic view of Cyprus’ evolving wine scene. In his articles, he paints a vivid picture of Cyprus’ journey from a wine-producing region facing challenges to a thriving hub of innovation and quality. Demetri acknowledges the historical significance of Cyprus in the wine world and the recent renaissance the island has experienced.

After going through his recent article and 2021 blog post, a harmonious narrative emerges. Together, they weave a tale of Cyprus’s wine revival, tracing its path from ancient times to modern innovation. The personal touch in his 2021 post resonates with his passion for the resurgence of Cypriot wine. The more formal tone and in-depth analysis in the latest post indicate that things are getting serious! Through these articles, we gain insight into the captivating journey of Cyprus’s winemaking renaissance.

A Long-Awaited Renaissance:

Cyprus, my wine-loving friends, is experiencing a renaissance like no other. In an article dated February 15, 2021, Demetri Walters MW speaks of the island’s wine industry coming alive. The quality of Cypriot wine is ascending, and native grape varieties are taking center stage, challenging conventions and sparking innovation. This journey, as penned by Demetri himself, is one of revival and authenticity, painting a vivid picture of Cyprus’s evolving wine landscape.

Authenticity Amidst International Varieties:

In a world where international grape varieties like Syrah and Chardonnay dominate, Demetri expresses his delight in discovering high-quality wines crafted from indigenous grapes. He acknowledges the prowess of international varieties, which thrive under understood conditions. However, he poses a question about authenticity. While not advocating for exclusivity, Demetri champions the newfound appreciation for native Cypriot grapes. These autochthonous treasures are weaving their intricate stories, resonating with characterful demands that define Cyprus’s unique terroir.

A Shift in the Status Quo:

Demetri’s words echo the transformation happening in Cypriot vineyards and cellars. Gone are the days of mixed grape fermentation. Modern ampelographic study has unveiled the complex tapestry of each native vine’s character. With this newfound knowledge, native grapes like Spourtiko, Promara, Morokanella, Maratheftiko, Lefkada, Opthalmo, and Yiannoudi are emerging as prized jewels. Their character and quality are better understood, and Demetri notes the excitement brewing within the Cypriot wine community.

From Variables to Artistry:

The evolution of native grape varieties on Cyprus is a captivating journey. Demetri discusses the myriad factors influencing wine production, from altitude to climate, soil conditions to trellising methods. The winemaker’s touch further blurs the lines, resulting in wines that vary remarkably despite sharing the same grape variety. The revival of ancient winemaking tools, like clay Pithari, and the resurgence of traditional viticulture techniques contribute to the dynamic shift in Cyprus’s wine scene. The growing interest in unfortified Commandaria reflects a return to cherished wine styles of yesteryear.

Conclusion: Cyprus’s Dynamic Wine Identity:

Overall, Demetri Walters MW’s sentiments about Cyprus’ wine industry are incredibly positive. He sees the transformation happening within the island’s winemaking landscape and appreciates the dedication of winemakers in embracing their heritage while pushing the boundaries of innovation. His writings reflect the essence of Cyprus’s wine journey—revival, authenticity, and dynamic transformation.

As Cyprus’s wine scene evolves rapidly, guided by its rich history and innovative spirit, one thing is certain: Cyprus’s wines are gaining recognition, not only for their quality but also for their unique expression of terroir and culture. Until next time, my fellow enthusiasts, cheers to Demetri Walters MW and his insightful reflections on our beloved Cypriot wines!


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