Wine With Angi: Team Bonding On Airbnb Online Experiences

It's time to sharpen your wine tasting skills! With my simplified approach, make Team Bonding On Airbnb Online Experiences an unforgettable experience. Get ready to impress your friends with your new expertise!
online wine tasting

Welcome to your virtual wine tasting team bonding on Airbnb Online Experiences.

Dear all,

It has been a great year for the team, and celebrations are well deserved! Rebekah has asked me to put together this virtual wine tasting event as a team bonding  on Airbnb Online Experiences.

Please bring your wine of choice. You may bring as many as you like. As a general rule, the more, the better, but I usually recommend two different types, like red and white. It would be nice to taste the wines at the beginning before anything else. This practice will give you a basic understanding of the wines, and then you can move back and forth and compare them against each other.

If in doubt, have a look below for recommendations and inspiration on how to customize the experience to your personal wine taste. Please share your thoughts in the comments section to get the Q&A going and get a basic direction of what you want to take away from this experience.

Tab Here To Join (Thu, Nov 10, 5:30 PM − 6:45 PM EST)

Event Details:

Check out the Q & A tab to find answers to questions discussed during the sessions.

Customize your Experience

Wine Tasting is a very personal experience and you can do as you please especially in the privacy of a zoom meeting!  however I’d suggest you try and give your wine selection a structure and a theme. Comparative tasting is the way I learn about wine. Observing two wines at the same time focusing on what is different and where applied what is common between them.

Terroir, pronounced “tehr-wahr”, is a French term that expresses the combination of soil, weather conditions and style of winegrowing and winemaking. These three elements bring a specific identity and a sense of place to the wine. A terroir can be spread as a region or be as specific as a small part of an estate.

I recommend choosing  wines from the same origin if you want to focus on what a region has to offer. Keep things simple and equal by picking from the same Country > region > county > village > winery. 

If you like a grape variety and you want to understand it better then choose the same single-variety wines but as diverse as possible. e.g. East coast vs West coast or New world vs Old world wine.

You may want to get a bit deeper into your glass and compare different wine styles like Oak-aged vs Young wine or Dry vs Semi-Dry.

Use the search box to find wines near your location on

Angie's Wine List

Please Help me complete this list! I will be updating this wine list every time someone lets me know of the wine they want to bring along on this tasting experience. With details about the wines and where to buy them. If you have any information that can help me complete my post feel free to pass them over... 
Banshee, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma County, 2021
Vignoble Gibault, Touraine Chanonceaux, Sauvignon Blanc

Some Recommendations!

Bread and Butter, Cabernet Sauvignon, California, 2020
Bread and Butter, Merlot, California, 2019
McBride Sisters, Black Girl Magic, Red Blend
Chateau de Camarsac, Thierry Lurton, Bordeaux, France, 2019
Luigi Bosca, Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina, 2019
Cantine Povero, Priore, Barolo DOCG, Italy, 2017

Wine Stains
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