Saint-Estèphe de Calon-Ségur, 2016

Wine Talk on St Estephe de Calon Segur

My Dearest Cara,

You will enjoy a beautiful wine this Christmas and since you have the luxury of peace and quiet, here’s a short read about  Saint-Estèphe de Calon-Ségur!

Château Calon-Ségur is an estate located in the commune of Saint-Estèphe on the left bank of the Gironde River in Bordeaux. The château is unique in the Medoc as the vineyards are in one single plot surrounded by tall stone walls.

The bottle in your hands

The 2016 grand vin is predominantly made from Cabernet Sauvignon, which expresses its finesse without arrogance. Elegance is to be found everywhere, in the purity of the wine’s flavors, in the delicacy of its texture, while its depth and length are also superb. Make sure you taste it immediately after opening, but leave it aside for an hour or so before drinking it! Please let me know the highlights of your tasting experience.

What’s with the heart?

The name, Calon-Ségur, was first seen in the 18th Century. At the time, the château was owned by Nicolas-Alexandre, the Marquis de Ségur, who also owned Châteaux Latour, Lafite and Margaux. The Marquis decided to add his name to the château alongside the word Calon, the name of the small boats that once transferred timber down the Gironde. As well as changing the name of the estate he also placed a heart on the label of his wine, after he famously stated:

 “I make wine at Lafite and Latour but my heart belongs to Calon.”

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