Boost Team Building with an Orchard Adventure

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Unleash Teamwork in Nature's Playground

Escape the office and immerse yourself in a collaborative challenge amidst the beauty of an orchard. The Orchard Adventure is more than just a team-building activity – it’s a transformative experience designed to ignite creativity, strengthen bonds, and unlock hidden potential within your team. Uncover hidden gems, tackle creative challenges, and strengthen your team in a vibrant natural setting.

Refreshing Escape & Creativity

Strengthened Bonds & Collaboration

Enhanced Communication & Problem-Solving

Boost Team Building with an Orchard Adventure

from €130

Imagine your team, invigorated by the fresh air and natural beauty, embarks on a captivating scavenger hunt, unearthing hidden gems, and collaborating to decipher clues. Laughter fills the air as you tackle creative challenges, transforming natural materials into ingenious structures or crafting hilarious skits inspired by the orchard’s bounty.

This isn’t just about competition; it’s about connection. As you work together, communication blossoms, and problem-solving skills sharpen. You’ll witness firsthand how collaboration flourishes when fueled by the shared experience of nature’s playground.

Our creative challenges will test your team’s problem-solving prowess and unleash hidden reserves of ingenuity. You’ll build structures from nature’s bounty, craft captivating skits inspired by the orchard’s bounty, and conquer puzzles that demand teamwork at its finest.

The Orchard Adventure is more than just an activity; it’s an investment. It’s an investment in your team’s future, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose that translates directly to the workplace.

Ready to cultivate a stronger, more innovative team? The Orchard Adventure awaits!

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Do this trip soon after you arrive and you will understand Cyprus and its history and culture so much better! Pambos is a mine of information which he delivers in a warm and thought provoking way whilst you are walking through a stunning valley! If you are lucky -like me - you will meet locals tending their vines, vegetables or looking after their goats, and perhaps have the privilege of discovering the sweet lemon tree! Cannot recommend this highly enough!
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What an experience! There is no better place to learn more about Cyprus's culinary culture! Pambos is an amazing host and could not have been more welcoming and friendly. The location and the arrangement gave a real vibe of a genuine Cypriot country life. Started by taking a look at the fields and picking our own vegetables, then hearing not only about the origin and production of halloumi but also a bit about the local culture and mentality. We couldn't recommend this place more! We enjoyed Pambos' company so much that we ended up staying twice as long as the masterclass was supposed to last. Thank you for this incredible and memorable experience!
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We stayed in Paphos for almost 2 weeks for our honeymoon, we had the option of a boat rental for our last day or this experience. When I say this was the best decision of the trip I mean it. Pambos was the coolest host, the experience is like no other, we started our experience walking through his family's garden picking and admiring all the different fruits and veggies and talking and getting to know each other, we learned so much about and got the opportunity to cook together as a family, and by the end of the experience we all bonded like family. So amazing to see and feel how people from different backgrounds can come together and enjoy and bond over food. This is a must!!!!!
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My husband and I did all three activities hosted by Pambos. The wine tasting, sheftalia and the halloumi. Pambos is a kind and funny man with a mountain of knowledge. We throughly enjoyed all three experiences and left feeling like we could take something away. It was great to sit down and explore the wine and how different umami brings out different flavours in the wines. We loved cooking up a storm in the kitchen, exploring the garden and the laughs we had. We left so full on both occasions.
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We spent a pleasant day at Pambos’ family home, tasting many different types of local based dishes. It is a great opportunity to experience authentic village / farm life in Cyprus. One of the highlights for us was picking fresh oranges, lemons, and pomelo straight from the trees and enjoying the region’s beautiful produce. It was easy enough to find the village of Episkopi countryside lifestyle and hospitality! Thanks Pambos for being a great host.

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