I created this simple illustrated 4-step guide to help you add Wine Tasting Experiences on your Airbnb Guidebook for your guests. 

Go to your Airbnb Hosting page

On the top ribbon Click on *Menu* and choose *Guestbooks* on the drop-down menu.

01. Choose a relevant Guidebook
or create a new one

It is very important for Airbnb Algorithm to have Guidebooks with relevant content. I recommend you keep different Guidebooks categorized in themes
For example *restaurants near by* or *things to do*

BTW for Airbnb everywhere in Cyprus is near by.

** Here is the link to Airbnb Resource centre article on how to  Create a Guidebook

02. Add a Place

Click on the black button *Add to guestbook*
and choose *A place*

03. Search for *Cyprus Wine Tasting Room, Episkopi*

Please type:
*Cyprus Wine Tasting Room, Episkopi*
Make sure you choose the right location

04. Recommend and Category

Please type a few words why you recommend ...
or copy paste the following text:-
* I highly recommend you seize the unique opportunity to discover the Local Culinary Culture with the help of a celebrated Professional!
Pambos is a certified Sommelier with almost 30 years experience in the delicatessen trade.

** Please tick Category Food Scene (if you don't categorize your guidebook will not be visible!)

One last Thing...
Add Advice

1. Choose the icon 'Book Before You Go'
2. Type:
*Wine Tasting*
3. Copy and Paste:-
*Please reserve your spot on
before you visit the tasting room.

Your guests will be thanking you for this, have no doubt!

Please have a look at 150+ five star reviews left on my airbnb profile in less than a year!

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